Available courses

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This course must be completed by all active stewards and stewards prior to gaining access to the Case Handler in the HSA Portal.  Upon completion, you must speak with your chief steward about getting permissions to use the case handler. 

HSA Stewards need to have a variety of soft skills to excel in their role. 

This course is where HSA will provide modules on those soft skills. These modules are designed to be short and will offer practice in skills that many HSA members already possess. 

Some examples of modules that may be added: Note Taking Best Practice, Conducting Good Meetings, Managing Email, Critical Reading

A preliminary course that will introduce new OH&S stewards to their role, their rights and responsibilities, and the resources that available to them. 

A preliminary course that will introduce stewards to their role, its expectations and the resources that they have. 

Basic Steward Training for in-scope supervisors. 

EDMP Resources

Case studies, activities and testing about grievance handling.

An online space for labour council delegates to continue their training and see HSA updates.

In BST-HSA100 you will learn the fundamental skills and knowledge necessary to be an effective HSA steward.

Stewards play a vital role in the union.  Particularly important is the steward’s role in contract interpretation, mobilizing, and the grievance procedure.  Here you will find the online extension of HSA's 2-day Basic Steward Training workshop for current and potential RPN Stewards at the HSA office. The workshop and the support provided here will give participants the tools to confidently perform the role of steward: 

  • the history of RPNs in the HSA
  • the role of the union steward
  • using PRFs
  • contract interpretation
  • grievance handling
  • mobilizing
  • safety in the workplace

An introduction to the skills and responsibilities needed to be an effective Occupational Health and Safety Steward.  This is a companion course to the in-class course offered by HSA.

A place to develop our education materials and methods.

Training for members who will be HSA CLs.

A space for the activities of the Women's Committee.

The CESA space for sharing information.

OH&S Mobilizing and Administration